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Ideazon Merc Incredibly Flexible Gaming Keyboard


The Ideazon Merc gaming keyboard isn’t the most slick model on the market, and it doesn’t include as many features as other gaming keyboards, but the low price makes it an excellent investment if you need a keyboard that can help you navigate your favorite games. Ideazon MercThe keys are clustered a little too closely together, which can make it hard to find the right key sometimes, but the Ideazon Merc is wonderfully customizable. If you are a hard-core gamer, this keyboard is probably not for you. More casual users should find it just fine for gaming, though.
The focus of the Ideazon Merc keyboard is simple. It takes all of the most important gaming keys and puts them off to one side of a standard QWERTY keyboard. That means that when you play your games you can find the right keys quickly, but when you need to type a document you can use the standard keyboard without having to swap devices.

The Ideazon Merc includes six directional control keys, with function keys clustered around them. The function keys come pre-programmed for common uses, such as reload, jump, or run/walk. The best feature of the Ideazon Merc is that you can program keys to do what you need them to do. It can even program small macros to keys that you need to perform functions that would commonly use multiple keystrokes. The instructions for customizing keys are easy to follow and understand, and the keyboard is flexible enough to handle almost any combination of keystrokes necessary for any PC game. Pre-programmed key mappings are also included with the Ideazon Merc for several of the most popular PC games.

The Ideazon Merc fits quite a lot into its 21.5 inches. The keys are really packed tightly together, which makes it hard to type accurately, though. They are also not very responsive, so you can’t type incredibly fast on the Ideazon Merc. The number pad on the right side of the keyboard doubles as function keys, which is clumsy to use. You have to toggle back and forth between the key functions using the NumLock key, which adds an unnecessary step.

Overall the Ideazon Merc does a good job of giving gamers the flexibility to set up the keys in an almost limited configuration. Unfortunately the lack of a backlight and the way the keys are tightly packed together make the keyboard a little less user-friendly than it could be.

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